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"Mark Your Calendar"

Digital Show Programs


Costume description sheets (click to download):

(We are still working on some costume description sheets, if it isn't underlined to download, it will be soon!)

9-10 yr old Hip Hop (boys & girls)

11-13 yr old Hip Hop

Dance Pictures

Dance Pictures have already been taken. You will be able to pick them up at the June 19th recital.

Recital T-Shirts

Recital shirts have already been ordered and handed out. If you weren't able to make the indoor show, they will be available to pick up at the outdoor show ;)

"Mark Your Calendar" DVD's

There will not be anyone videoing the outdoor show. Please plan accordingly.

Flowers for your dancer!

The day of the shows, there will be a table set up for the option to purchase flowers for your dancers! This is a fundraiser for the Shuffles Performance Team and ALL proceeds go to their non-profit organization!

They will also have a table with snacks and beverages available to purchase!

Spring Show 2021, "Mark Your Calendar" Outdoor recital is almost here!

It's been another CRAZY session, but we're almost there! With everything being CRAZY, of course we will be having more crazy recitals! Here's some information to pass along to your friends and family!

All classes will be performing at this recital! Show starts at 2pm at Franklin Park (amphitheater across the street from the studio), be there and ready to go around 1:30pm. This is a free show and open to the public, so bring as many friends and family members as you wish!

Bring your own chairs, food, drinks, etc. The show is approximately 2 hours.

Please have your dancers check in 2 routines before it's their turn to dance.

If you dancer has a costume change, THEY WILL NEED A BLACK LEOTARD! These are optional on your costume sheets, as some of you don't need them. The studio will be closed and the outside restrooms may (or may not) be open. We are not opening the dancewear store on the day of the show, we have other stuff to take care of. IE: my dancer is in 9-10 ballet, tap & jazz AND hip hop and doesn't want to change in front of everyone. GET THEMA LEOTARD! We are open Monday 5pm - 7pm and Tuesday 5:00pm - 8pm.

We do plan on having the overhead tent set up for dancers that have multiple costume changes. This is mainly for ages 11-18.

Here is the show order so you can set up your costumes accordingly. Print this so you can follow along :

Franklin Park Outdoor Show Order