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Valet Parking for Recital

As you can see, some of the parking lots around the building are under construction and there are also other events happening at the venue on recital day.  We are super excited to announce that Clintonville Motors will be providing shuttle vans an hour before and an hour after the show to get you to the venue! We need your help to make this work, though! Here's the game plan:

The pink "X" is the auditorium and where everyone needs to be!

We ask that drivers drop ALL of their passengers off at the entrance before parking.

The shuttles will be waiting for you to park your car in the the "Valet Parking", which is the purple box. 

The entrance is on 20th street.

An hour before the show, there will be a van available & labeled "Shuffles Shuttle". Hop on! Once it's full, your driver will take you to the venue & then return back to the parking lot to pick up more guests! 

Be sure you have your recital ticket to get into the auditorium! 

Please remember to tip your driver!

For an hour after the show, the same "Shuffles Shuttle" will be waiting for you at the auditorium entrance. The driver of your vehicle will be taken back to the Valet Parking lot and will then grab your personal vehicle, drive back to the entrance and pick up the rest of their passengers. 

Don't forget to tip your driver!


for this service! We are truly appreciative for your help! 


               Follow along with dances and who's in them with our downloadable recital program!                  

click here to get it!

                                         Recital Packet!!! Everything you need to know!‚Äč


Costume description sheets (click on your class  to download):

(All  Hip hop classes, wear your hair however you want for pictures.)

"Bad Boys" Show Order

Recital T-Shirts

Recital shirts have already been ordered and handed out to dancers the day of the show. If you ordered one for family members, you will be able to pick them up at dress rehearsal.